Coming October 2018

Bumps and Babies

Come together with a small, supportive group of women to share experiences, ask questions and humorously and compassionately approach motherhood! Each session a different topic will be discussed with specialists in those areas to answer any questions. Have a play date with your little one each week and meet other moms in your neighborhood.

Expecting Moms and New Moms


Baby Buddies Play Group

There is so much learning happening at this age! Baby Buddies Play Group helps them grow and learn physically and socially. Play activities vary week to week and may include movement activities to work on strengthening your baby’s back and neck to move them toward mobility, sign language to foster communication and language skills, music time to work on fine and gross motor skills and bubbles to work on hand-eye coordination. The best part, grown-ups get the chance to connect with others who understand each other. 

Ages: 3 months- 12 months

Wednesday 9:00am-9:50am

Little Explores Play Group

 They are just becoming aware of this big world around them and what better way to start their journey and connect with other families. Enjoy playing with mommy, daddy, or caregiver in Little Explores.  Play activities vary week to week. We will also be learning Basic American Sign Language warming those little hands up to tell you what they want. 

Ages: 9 months- 2 years

Wednesday 10:00am-10:30am

DOODLER's Play Group

Doodlers Play Group helps  families connect through age-appropriate play sessions. Play activities vary week to week and may include finger plays, sensory play, parachute play, puppet shows, bubbles, dancing, story time, science, skill building, art, and color, letter, number association. 

Ages: 2-4 years 

Wednesday 11:00am-11:50am

Prep School Play Group

Prep School is designed to help your child learn to respect boundaries and their environment with same aged friends. Play activities vary week to week and will incorporate various educational activities, gross and fine motor skill development, reading time, snack, and so much more.  Once you feel they are comfortable and fully engaged, you can step back and make some grown up friends in the lobby.

Ages: 4-5 years

Wednesday 12:00-12:50

Listen and Move

In Listen and Move we weave together words and movement to make stories come alive. Using movement, breath, literature and music we will create an experience that appeals to all the senses and learning styles. Class package includes an Our Play Place yoga mat!

Ages: 3-6


Play Groups are all part of the exclusive Our Play Place Curriculum and designed by a certified Early Childhood Specialist.